Film Chest Media Group (FCMG) is a privately-held media company with offices in New York City and Bridgeport, CT. FCMG was formed in 2011 when the interrelated activities of acquisition, preservation, development, and distribution of film and television media, operating under separate companies, were combined and consolidated as Film Chest Media Group. The companies of FCMG were established in the mid 1990’s by Ralph Stevens and Phil Hopkins, when they began to amass one of the largest privately-owned film libraries, presently consisting of more than 3,000 titles. The media content ranges from rare

science fiction, horror, classic TV, and action-adventure films to cult films, cartoons, to Oscar-winning classics like Orson Welles’s The Stranger, for which FCMG completed their first of many HD restorations. Central to the operation is the 47,000 square foot facility purchased in 2010 in Bridgeport, CT for storing, archiving, transferring, and restoring Film Chest’s library as well as providing the same services to studios, collectors, and institutions in the industry. With tremendous respect and appreciation for the product, FCMG takes care to give every piece of media its due.