Victory at Sea: The Feature Film on DVD March 17th!

Victory at Sea - 3D Cover Art - TransparentSTREET DATE:  March 17, 2015
PRE BOOK:   February 17, 2015

Victory at Sea is a wonderful overview of World War II. The film is fast-paced with excellent narration featuring Alexander Scourby, and legendary music by Richard Rodgers.

A well-produced feature-length version of the TV documentary series with actual footage from the battles described, it’s emotional and provides a good look at what our men and those of our allies, and even enemies, faced in WWII.

Richard Rodgers, fresh off of several hit Broadway musicals, was retained to compose the musical score for the series. Rodgers would contribute twelve “themes” – short piano compositions a minute or two in length – while Robert Russell Bennett did the scoring and conducted the NBC Symphony Orchestra on the soundtrack recording sessions. Rodgers’ “Beneath The Southern Cross” became “No Other Love” and was a big hit of the time.